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Do You Use the Verb 'to BE' in the Present Tense in Russian? (Quick Grammar Tips)
The verb 'to Be' is usually one of the key elements in many languages.
And moreover, it often has some unusual, irregular conjugation that you just have to remember.
So, good news here!
Do you know how often you use the verb 'to Be' in the present tense in Russian? Almost never!

In Russian, the verb ‘to Be’ as an infinitive sounds as “Быть”, and it has only one form in the Present tense: “есть”.

Do not confuse it with the infinitive of the verb “to eat” which also sounds as “есть”! Even though they sound the same, these are completely different verbs. 

The verb ‘to Be’ has only one form for every persona in Russian:
Я есть = I am
Ты есть = you are
Он есть = he is
And so on.
But again, you just skip it in the Present tense:

Я _ врач = I am a doctor
онА _ программИст = She is a programmer
Он _ лётчик = He is a pilot

On one hand, it simplifies some things. on the other hand, you have to get used to a different structure in sentences.
Check out some examples in the video, and try to not get confused by such a straightforward, direct structure of sentences in Russian.

May 14, 2020 4:09 PM
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