The city where you live.
Hello, everyone! Tell me please about your city, what is it? What do you like or dislike about it?
May 14, 2020 6:58 PM
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In my city there are many different cultures. Half of the people come from elsewhere in the world. For example I live on a long road that stretches about 60km. Driving end to end, you will pass through entire suburbs of Chinese, Persian, Korean, Jewish, Italian, Caribbean and Indian people. It's an interesting place especially if you love food from around the world. The place itself is not the prettiest and traffic can be very bad at times.
May 14, 2020
@Надежда ... depending on the time of day traffic here can be quite dismal.

The second to last time I took my car to the garage for its warrant of fitness taking it home driving took me longer than it would have taken me to walk. =D I was ropeable - and there's a reason I walk/run almost everywhere ;)
May 14, 2020
I have a love/hate relationship with the city I live in.

I like it because it's reasonably compact, has hills, is by the sea, has lots of great eateries, some culture.

It has horrid architecture in parts, and it suffers from scrawling buildings in the suburbs. It's only just bearable because the number of inhabitants is low - ~ 150,000, so even on foot I could probably make it from one end of town to the other within 2.5 hours.
May 14, 2020
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