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Why it is so hard to find a language partner at my age range. 15-17
Hello, I learn English and German,I think the language learning is a kind of process that we can share our interests or culture during this process. That is why I think instead of finding a language partner, we should make new friends, But it is so difficult to find people who has the same or similar worldview. What do you think about factor or factors affecting to choose language partner( new friend). (age, sex, interest, culture, language level etc. ). Can you find a language partner easily? please share your opinions.
May 14, 2020 10:36 PM
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I agree. I think it's most important to find someone who you're comfortable with, because learning means making a lot of mistakes and being confused sometimes. It's really no use talking to someone if you feel like you can't mess up around them, which is sometimes how it feels talking to people much older than yourself. That's why finding language partners is hard to me but I'm sure I'll find someone eventually lol.
May 14, 2020
December 18, 2020
How old are you, Sage? are you looking for language partner at your age?

May 14, 2020
May 14, 2020
And one more question How many language partner is enough?
May 14, 2020
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