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What sounds wrong but is actually correct in English? Or vice versa.
What sounds wrong but is actually correct in English? 

What sounds correct but is actually WRONG in English?

You may provide an explanation why you felt/thought it was wrong/correct.

My answer: Do you not dare!

Because it is so uncommon to say it this way. It took me a while to process it the first time I read it and then I realized it was grammatically correct.
May 15, 2020 5:00 AM
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We say "aren't I" instead of "amn't I", for example "I'm a good student, aren't I?". It's short for "am I not" so it should be "amn't I".
May 15, 2020
That's funny, it *is what you would say, but it does sound a little strange!

Also, you might use;

"Don't you even dare..." which would be really strange as "do not you even dare..."
May 15, 2020
Richard - A lot of people make this mistake. Now, it's so easy to understand with your explanation. Thank you for participating and we miss you on the discussion board!
May 16, 2020
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