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Mahmoud Saeed
Who wants to learn English with multinational group
Grettings ... 😍

Hello guys
take advantage from this circumstances that we are all or most of us are on a Curfew.

We have a group of multinational participations
I`ll be glad if you join us
there are a rules to respect every participation
there are a Russian manger

If you would like to join us write comment yes and i will sent you the link :)
or sent me your WhatsApp

My WhatsApp +201091586367

best wishes for all of you guys 🙂😉
15 May 2020 12:35
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I wanna join
24 Mayıs 2020
24 Mayıs 2020
24 Mayıs 2020
Ok! I am going to help you guys but I can’t do it until after June 9th. Depending on the hours that you meet, I can join you occasionally.I am doing lots of language exchanges and I don’t have any more room for partners. I have only one request. Each time that I come to this meeting, I want to learn 2 idioms in Arabic and two in Portuguese. So, if you let me know the time that you all are meeting, I will check my schedule to see if it fits. Are you all interested?
Please, write out the four sentences for me and record yourself saying these idioms.
24 Mayıs 2020
15 Mayıs 2020
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