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Anthony Remollo
Reading riddles improve your mentally to learn English
When you first read a riddle, you had a puzzle look and wonder what those phrases or sentences means. You are actually using your mind to think of it. How did you do it? You thought some key words that helps you understand those phrases and later recognized those meanings. After that, you are going to guess what is the hidden words on those phrases or sentences. Let's have one example "What is always in front of you but can’t be seen?" Did you guess the answer of the riddle? Let me know what you got! Comment down below.
May 16, 2020 1:47 PM
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Ahah OK I want to say eyes but I can touch them 😊 I think I can not find the correct answer ☺️
May 16, 2020
Is it nose? 😊
May 16, 2020
Thank you for your answer. Nope. You can see your nose. I'll give you a hint: something that you cannot see and touch but always in front of you and you always want to know it. :)
May 16, 2020
Anthony Remollo
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