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Vietnam is a haven for history buffs and cultural enthusiastic alike.
Vietnam has a multitude of enchanting mythical tales
a mythical hero was beloved by Vietnamese people because he conquered various beasts such as the dreaded Ho Tinh
He saw a monster preying a white crane. He took action and bravely slayed the monster
He settles in equal in distance between the land and the sea
His wife gave birth to a sac containing 100 eggs which hatched into 100 babies.
He and his wife each grew forlorn, desperately wishing to settle in their homeland because they could not resist their desire to return to their homeland.
Their children learn how to cultivate the land and build houses on bamboo stilts
It is no wonder the Vietnamese are proud to tell mythological stories.
The story serves as a metaphor for how the Vietnamese should always love and protect each other
May 16, 2020 7:43 PM
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