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Korean level standard :)
here’s a thing
I’ve made some mistakes to prepare for lessons before meeting people to teach.
There was a woman who said I speak like a “toddler”
so I focused too much on the word, toddler which sounded like a beginner of beginners.
but she was actually intermediate or at least beginner high.
I realised the standard that i have is not clear to check people’s korean level or is different from how others think.

Please have a look and tell me about what you think.
it will be really helpful to update this standard better :)
Thanks in advance.

Beginner (LOW)
: You can’t really say what you want to say
 What You say is not exactly what you want to say

Beginner (HIGH)
: You can put words or expressions you learned into sentences
But what you say is not still exactly what you want to say 
You may be able to hear and answer for the sentence you learned

Intermediate ( LOW )
: you can express yourself basically. 
Sometime the way you want, 
Most of the time not the way you want.

In addition, you’d probably be able to understand a basic reply
If it is about simple topics you’ve learned 
You might get the gist of a conversation even if you don’t understand whole sentences

Intermediate ( HIGH )
: you can express yourself, often maybe in the way they want 
You can say pretty much most of what you want to say in the way that you want to say it 

However, those have to be familiar topics
So you are not going to be able to talk about anything you want to say regarding nuclear fusion or political events
But within the stuff you’ve learned, you should be able to hold a conversation

Advanced (LOW)
: you can usually express yourself in the way that you want
you can also tackle topics that are unfamiliar to you
But you feel uncomfortable 
You can really grab the context of what the speaker’s saying
Even if some people say you are fluent, you still feel stressed or not confident or personally frustrated that you’re not able to still say more
You sometimes change the way you speak into the simple way as you don’t feel confident a bit to say in the first way 

Advanced (HIGH)
: you can always express yourself in the way that you want 
There is no problem at all to talk about basic topics
You can deal with the topics that are not related to you
But sometimes you feel less uncomfortable

** Fluency
Depending on the learning skill or various factors, people can have different level of fluency. 
E.g. Advanced (HIGH) can have Fluency (LOW) level

If you think your level is on Intermediate (LOW) or over, it may be helpful to mention about your fluency.

** This standard may not be able to apply for other teachers’ standards.
2020년 5월 17일 오전 12:46
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From the perspective of a half Korean who tutors other Koreans in English....

It’s helpful to distinguish these categories: reading, writing, listening,speaking. Korean learners tend to have variable degrees of exposure to the language and often more in one way then in others. This results in having different abilities in each of these 4 categories. For instance, Koreans born in America who spend more time speaking English then Korean, often have advanced to intermediate listening ability, intermediate to advanced speaking ability, but beginner level reading and writing ability.

can’t write
can’t read
may be able to say and understand very basic things

can write some but spelling is poor
can read some but at a slow pace and probably beginner level due to low level of vocabulary
can have a conversation in ‘Konglish’ using simple sentences about familiar topics
can understand more then what he is able to say
only participates in conversations as a listener and usually just responds to questions with a yes, no, or short simple sentence
does not engage other Koreans in conversation due to lack of self confidence and limited ability to speak intelligently about a variety of things
is familiar with some customs, some culture

can read and write without much difficulty
can participate in conversations about commonly discusses things
is familiar with culture, customs
can understand jokes
can use slang

2020년 5월 17일
@Jennifer Lee
Thanks for your reply :)
It's helpful
2020년 5월 17일
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