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Eric Trautman
Language learning with audio processing disorder
I’ve been working on learning Spanish for about 4 years and if made consistent progress but it’s been a ton of work and slow progress due to my auditory processing disorder. I have difficulties differentiating sounds and that makes it extra difficult to learn a new language. Anyone out there have experience learning a language with this or teaching people with it? Thanks
May 17, 2020 1:12 AM
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Hola! when do you have time for a video chat(no fees)?, the only way that I can help you is by talking to you. I mainly focus on conversational techniques.

see ya.
May 17, 2020
Hi! I think we all pass for the same problem the only solution its practice speaking and listening. If you want i can help u with your Spanish and you can help me with English :) I'm from México
May 17, 2020
Hello, hey if you want to improve you Spanish, I can teach you more at a low cost! Just write me
May 17, 2020
Eric Trautman
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