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Learn the most difficult words for you!
Hi there!
I am a English learner. I explored a new way of learning especially the words those are difficult to learn and I want to share with you. By the way the game is not just memorize the words this is for LEARNING the words 😊.
I'm sure about there are many words we see or hear somewhere and search them in dictionary but we can not remember when we see or hear again another where. We can say "passive word" to them. Now I tell the game!
1.chose your most difficult passive word. to meaning of the word in your native language.
3.explain the word but using just the words that you know in English.
4. This step is optional but I suggest that. Make a sentence using the word.
5.add your work with a comment 😁
My most difficult passive word is "opportunity"
Opportunity is occurring suitible conditions or time for do something. The second meaning of the word is chance.
My sentence: "I go abroad at the first opportunity, when the covid19 gone."
17 مايو 2020 08:43
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Caballero; Hi again, wether someones join or not to my discussion, I think it was a good and effective idea for learning some words still😊
Thank you so much for add a comment, I learned two more words in this way.
17 مايو 2020
Today morning I saw your thread and I thought to post later. I think you had a good idea, despite, sadly, nobody posted anything before me. I see that it has even sunk donwn in the discussion forum under a hell of request for language exchanges. It doesn´t mind. Let´s go with my post.
Today I´m struggling with two similar words: costume (clothes and accesories to put on so that to look like another one, with a funny aim) and "a custom" (an habit, an action repeated along the time). One sentence for both words: Wearing costumes is an old Carnival custom.
17 مايو 2020
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