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Is ENGLISH the ONLY language in the forum???
Volt Age has an interesting discussion on the use of random languages in the English forum. In fact, the problem is quite the opposite. (For the record, I gave Volty a thumbs-up for raising an interesting topic, although, as a lover of comparative linguistics, I completely disagree with his post.) Volty's discussion:

My take on this:
Right now, looking at the front page of the unsorted forum, we see that 14 out of 20 discussions are classified as English. There are two in Spanish, and one each in Japanese, Maghrebi Arabic, Italian, and French. But wait —of the six discussions that are not in the English forum, only two of them are actually written in a language other than English. The Maghrebi "discussion" (actually a language partner request) is titled in French, and the (extremely short) post is written in Maghrebi (presumably), using the so-called “franco-arabic” romanization scheme (used for texting before the invention of the smartphone). The only other “discussion” not in English is one of the two in the Spanish forum (again, it is merely a language partner request). So the fact is that finding a non-English discussion is exceedingly difficult. Let's be honest: If you want to reach the largest audience (as many posters do), you write in English. So the hard part is finding good discussions on comparative linguistics or on (or even "in") languages (even the popular ones) other than English.

Suggestion: Shouldn’t there be a new filter for the discussion section — say, “every language except English”?

Edit: I originally wrote “of the six discussions that are not in the English forum, only four of them are actually written in a language other than English”. I should have written “of the six discussions that are not in the English forum, only two of them are actually written in a language other than English”. The other four were in fact written in English. So, yes, out of 20 discussions on the top page, 18 were written in English.

May 17, 2020 5:41 PM
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Thank you so much for your respectful approach to my dubious thread. Discussion board in my humble opinion should be a place where people could express their at times totally polar views. If everybody thought alike wouldn't it be a boring place? I appreciate any opinion including opposite to mine if it's brought with reasoning but unnecessary accusations and allegations. I upvote every participant in my threads even before reading their comments. I see downvoting as absolutely useless and adding nothing to discussion process itself.
Unfortunately people here as anywhere else are biased and inclined to follow and blindly support thoughts of those who "can not be wrong". I am not going to talk here about influencing in social networks, it's not my thing, so I better leave it for Florian)))
I wasn't aiming to make everybody think like I do. If I wanted to do so I would post different kind of topics, which I am perfectly capable of doing.

May 17, 2020
Italki should program a bit better, some of these problems may be down to not selecting the correct language after writing your text in whatever language, you presumably have to then select from any of the languages you are learning on italki.
I am learning only one language after typing in English I then have to select --> "language written in" and" for learning x language" which for me is either English or the language I am learning. It has happened to me that a post was written in one language but I accidentally selected the other of my two languages. Such that the language written in and the language learning did not match up, and even if they did via the selection process it is still possible to write in another language than the one selected for learning.

It is possible for italki to link up to a script or service that detects the written language and then to display a message "x detected do you want to select this language" if no then other actions can be taken.

I assume if someone is learning 3,4,5 or more languages it would be very easy to make a mistake.
May 17, 2020
1. English is the language that most non-English-speaking italki users want to learn. It may be sad, but it's a fact.
2. Most users eager to learn English (or just to acquire it by some magic) are unwilling or unable to pay for lessons.
3. Discussion board is the free part of the site that can be used with minimum effort. To ask a question you should encounter some problem (in the course of learning thst you have started and haven't given up yet) that you are unable to solve, put it into words, find the Answers section and wait for a kind person ready to help you. To make an entry in the Notebook section you should be able to write something and have the guts to place your writing for corrections that may come fast and be nice, may be discouraging and may just never appear... Again, you should understand the structure of the site and find the right place for posting your writing meant for correction by others. While the Discussion board can be easily found, its intended use is clear, you may just write whatever comes to your mind and wait for response. If you know some words in English and English is you goal, you'll write that discussion in English. Here we are) 18 of 20....
May 18, 2020
Only language, no. The most popular and preferred, definitely. I've tried other languages and my conclusion is: the Russian forum is very responsive if you have an interesting topic but the Spanish forum isn't that interactive. Reminds me of Indian language speakers who pay scant attention to their native languages and mostly run after English.
August 11, 2020
Thanks for dropping by!
May 18, 2020
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