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Swedish Translation
I’ve been learning Swedish and naturally running into some problems with understanding the meaning of mostly song lyrics that no translation software has been able to pick up on properly, so I was hoping if some native speakers could help explain these sentences (quotation marks means that’s the only part I can’t understand:
1. Har du fått en massa luft nu?
2. Jag är en snubbe som gillar “att softa”
3. Jag ska “palla” några burkar
4. “Mailat i smyg” till nån boss
5. Få stå i vippen
6. Sparkar lite grus får inte lacka

Note I can give a literal translation of some of these but I was wondering if for some of them there’s a less literal translation
May 17, 2020 6:28 PM
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Will just do a fast sloppy translation on the onea I know.

1. You have to much air. Meaning your to hyped / energetic
2. a dude who likes to "chill"
3. I will manage a few more cans. (pallar) hard to find translation.
4 not sure
5. no one i know says vippen, what ia that?
6. lacka = to rage / get mad, angry
May 18, 2020
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