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What's up with me? --- Please Help me to correct my composition.
Hi dear community / classmates / teachers, everybody,

I'm writing here while I upload a video on youtube, my internet is very slow, according to my provider there is no more bandwidth available here, anyway, soon or later I will have to change of company.

Anyway, besides that, I'm waiting for the video to finish being uploaded. It's a video about my fluency in english, my english fluency is not the worst around the world but it's very bad, I know, I really need a lot of practice and great coaching and teaching. I don't know if I'll share the link here on Italki, but it will be a reference for me and the people who watch it.

In the future I hope to upload more videos about my improvement, that will be if I continue having discipline and studying more often.

My main strengths are reading and translating text, I read everyday english, I prefer search information in english than spanish, because there are more things in English than in any other language.

Only 10 minutes left and youtube will finish the upload, again I don't like this internet most of the time, more when there are no reasons to be so slow. Apparently there are some hackers in my network.

Thanks for reading
18 مايو 2020 01:12
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