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Is someone of the italki support team condoning or even covering up certain user's behavior?
Yesterday I met someone who commented my answer to his question with rather aggresive words:
卧槽, 你的英语很奇怪
(F**k, your English is really weird)
which led to my commet to fight back. However, his comment is removed!
Leaving my comment there, like out of no where!
The number of total comments is still 4, but his comment can't be seen any more.
Other comments are still there. Just in case, I made screenshot this time.

I've reported this to the suport team yesterday, in the meanwhile, the user replied with
(Daddy is way beyond your useless "community", just take away this joke and get out)

It's not just disappointing with the "tolerance" from italki, a even more conserning fact is, they
removed the reason of this matter out of sight!
In this way, how could anyone report anything in the future anymore? All the evidence can simply disappear!

He was angry because I replied in English, not in Chinese, but there was no request of language from his question.

The link to the original question is here:

Perhaps italki should also provide access for other users to check inappropriate behavior, the current one is not efficient and far not transparent!
May 18, 2020 7:17 AM
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Felix, you write: “Perhaps italki should also provide access for other users to check inappropriate behavior, the current one is not efficient and far not transparent!”

That may be what happened — if people reported the posts, or reported the user, then the posts were removed and / or he got banned. The posts may also have been flagged by the automatic system.

Theoretically, you’ve won, so you should be happy. Exactly what would you like to do about abusive people on the website? Personally, I agree that it would be better if they let the offensive comments stay — that would let people know whom they’re dealing with. However, that's probably not going to happen.

Sadly, there are a lot of users who are ungrateful, and your experience is all too common. It’s a good idea before helping someone to take a look at how they’ve thanked people who’ve helped them in the past. After a while, you'll know who appreciates your help and who doesn't.

If someone is bothering you with private messages, then flag the messages, flag the user, and block him.

By the way, if Chinese isn’t his native language, consider that he may not have meant to offend you. Perhaps his Chinese is "weird", or whatever.

Welcome to italki. Don't get discouraged; try to have fun while learning.

May 18, 2020
@Felix, you could always contact support and have them remove your comments/responses as well.

I don't think the removal of the offensive material had to do with "them protecting someone", it's just that the more obviously offensive material gets removed from public view, sometimes without considering context.

May 18, 2020

Thanks Phil.

It appears like a "win", as his aggresive words are removed. But now my comments there are somehow making people think I was the one who initiated the drama. And since he and I blocked each other, I could not edit my former comment.

It wouldn't discourage me, there are only few users or maybe just one act like him. Besides, I don't answer for appreciation, I think it's a contribution to reduce the conflict among people with different culture, by learning and teaching languages. In a way, it benefits myself, too.

I'm worrying the same situation may happen to other people. After removing offensive words, the reply from the people who are offended would show up unresonably unfriendly.
May 18, 2020

It's not like saying it's a whole company's behavior, it's pointing out the possibility of someone might have a preference among the users for unproper reasons.

Just like Facebook leaked user data, it doesn't mean eveyone should delete Facebook.
Doctors might misdiagnose and treat some patients in the wrong way, it doesn't mean you should never go to hospital anymore.
Solving the problem instead of escaping, othersise we will end up with no place to escape any more.
May 18, 2020
If they do, how boring they are.
May 18, 2020
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