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As a student, what do yo prefer?
As a student, do you prefer it when a teacher corrects you often or when they give you a few corrections and model the correct sentence structure?
18 de Mai de 2020 às 11:44
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the best is to correct mistakes after students’ speech: you listen, fix the mistakes have been made and after that you discuss it altogether, because interruption makes feel frustrated and they lose the motivation to produce speech.
18 de Maio de 2020
@Alice , what I´m trying to say is not correct but find a way to show your student she / he is making a mistake without telling him/ her.

If a teacher is correcting me all the time I would stop taking that sort of lessons.

I already have my wife telling me about all my mistakes : )
18 de Maio de 2020
I'll be happy if the teacher corrected me
18 de Maio de 2020
Personally, I prefer being corrected immediately. I believe that repeating the incorrect phrase or intonation for several times makes it a habit; and there is nothing more difficult than changing a bad habit.
18 de Maio de 2020
I really like to be corrected. And it doesn't matter if it's immediately or after speech, for me it's important just to happen. There is no better way to learn than from your own mistakes. 
18 de Maio de 2020
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