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could you please correct my writing?
Hello everyone. hope you are well. I have written a text related to a chart. could you please correct it? many thanks. I would appreciate it.

The chart illustrates how often American people went to fast food stablishments from 2003 to 2013.
Overall, people who went to fast food restaurants once a week and once or twice a month accounted for the highest percentage. whereas, people who ate in these restaurants every day or never, accounted for the lowest proporation throughout the whole period.
In 2003, the number of individuals who went to fast food eateries once a week accounted for around 31%, it increased slightly to 33% in 2006, then it declined to approximately 25% in 2013. for those in once or twice a month category, the figure showed 25% in 2003, it dropped to 25% in 2006, then it increased significantly to around 33% in 2013.
Moreover, the figure for people who either went to these restaurants everyday or never, stood under around 5% throughout ten years period. A few times a year category accounted for around 12% in 2003 and it rose to 15% in 2006, then it remeined unchanged in 2013
May 18, 2020 12:05 PM
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