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Robin Liu
Why is it so hard to find an language partner?
I know that it is best to have a tutor or even professional teacher to have a lesson, but for those who are not rich ,high frequency of talking to teachers is unaffordable. So I think finding a partner who has the similar level with you would be more realistic to get improved . I wanna create more chance to speak,but why it is so hard to find a language partner?
18 de Mai de 2020 às 15:05
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Hello Robin.
First, I'm sorry you struggle to find good language partners. Unfortunately, many people on this website are not really interested in truly learning a language. Many think it's dating site, others may use the platform for some days and realize learning and practicing a language requires someone to be serious, others are here just to troll and annoy people... My advice would be to read carefully the profile of the potential language partners before contacting them. Make things clear from the beginning. Is the person's need match with yours ? Example: if the person only wants to practice his/her oral skills and you want to practice your writing skills, both of you will probably end up frustrated. I think you also have to be realistic. can you really help this person ? Will you have enough time to do it ? Is what s/he asking is too much for you to handle ?
Second thing to consider is the commitment of the potential language partner. Does this person really want to learn the language ? Why does s/he want to learn it ? What are his/her motivations ?
To conclude, I would say that there is another thing to take into account : the personality. Language exchanges happen between two human beings, and sometimes personalities just don't match. If you are a very talkative person but your partner barely talk, or at the opposite if you are very quite and your partner does like to talk a lot, then again you'll probably end up frustrated.

So yeah, I suggest you to keep trying and to read carefully people's profiles.

Cheers !
18 de Maio de 2020
Hi Proshanto
Nope,just because the female here are more than male. And I also have serval male partner. And, of course I prefer to talking with female, but it shouldn't be the key point.
18 de Maio de 2020
Robin Lui I would suggest you to make your language exchange more appealing for the Italki community.
First of all you should add more information in your profile as what are you lucking for apart from the language itself, do you need it for work , study, etc ? What are your interests, hobbies, etc . What is your level of the language you are studying, are you able to speak English ? yes but is not fluent and so on.

The other part is what you can offered in exchange , it is clear you speak Mandarin but what else you can offer that make you different from other Mandarin speakers.

Finally you should take part of the discussions , write some comments and makes yourself known by everyone here until become ...famous : )

Take it easy Robin will find your Batman
18 de Maio de 2020
Hello! You are right, it's difficult find someone to talk in english.
18 de Maio de 2020
In order to answer your question, I'd encourage you to ask yourself the following:

How long have you been looking for a language partner? Which actions have you taken to find one?
18 de Maio de 2020
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