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Is it possible for you (or your region) to live without a car?
What you can't do without a car? Any other options are appreciated :)
May 18, 2020 3:45 PM
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Yeah, it´s posible, here in Peru most people dont have a car or semthin like that, we use taxis and "micros" , i know that theese are more used in US, it´s interesting i think
May 18, 2020
In Metro Manila, Philippines it is possible but it would be very inconvenient to have a car. It still helps having one even if there's Grab (it's a Southeast Asian version of Uber)
May 19, 2020
I live in Canary island and the most people use own car. Because the public transport is expensive and few effective. I wish can go to my work in bicycle but is so dangerous .There are more private interest in thats situacion no chance.Can you correct me if I write bad?
May 18, 2020
In my country it's very expensive so most of the people have to take busses
May 18, 2020
I'm from Dublin and it is quite easy to get around the city without a car. For me the best form of transport is bicycle. in many cases it is quicker than driving and it is usually much easier to park a bike than a car! There is also public transport in the form of bus and tram.
May 18, 2020
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