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Buried Treasure
Are there any stories about buried treasure in your country? Have you heard stories about people finding treasure in your country? Tell us about it!

In my country, there are a lot of stories about Japanese treasure buried in almost all of our islands. According to stories, news reports, and witness accounts, our country, the Philippines, is where the Japanese soldiers buried all the loot from the 2nd world war! Also, a lot of reports from both past and present states that there are actually a lot of people who “accidentally” discovered buried treasure on their farm lands.

What are the stories in your country? 🤔

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May 18, 2020 5:45 PM
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In my town's library is a book on how Marcos found all that treasure and killed all the workers who dug it out. Where I live there are stories about when the Spanish came through here about 450 years ago searching for gold, and cities of gold. So the stories about lost Spanish mines, old Spaniards coming in the 1800s with old maps. A cave where they hid it where the top of the cave had fallen in. People dug it out but found no treasure
May 18, 2020
@ Rosco- here's one documentary about it -- Let me know what you think! :) I wasn't born around the Marcos regime so most of my knowledge are only based on history books, and documentaries. We really can't know for sure what really happened around that time but you make a very good point on how his bestfriends or relatives should know about these things. :)
May 18, 2020
@ Rosco - well, that is a good point. But these stories are based on documentaries of witness accounts and an interview with the treasure hunter’s son. Let me try to find the link of the documentary so I could send it to you. In some documentaries, journalists were able to come across the family’s Swiss bank accounts. They concluded that they hid their fortune very well. But then again, we really can’t tell for sure. Some people take their secrets to the grave. I’ll try to find the link then you decide 🤔
May 18, 2020
What I know for a fact is my wife's uncles all grew up with Marcos(who was their cousin). They were very good friends but they don't have any treasure and my wife knows nothing about it. You'd think something like that won't be known to his best friends and relatives
May 18, 2020
@ Rosco - yes that is true, I saw on a documentary that the our former president, Marcos, actually found out about the local treasure hunters. So he issued a “permit system” wherein all the treasure hunters should send their details, address, and the location of the said treasure so that they will be issued permits for their operations. That is actually how he found the “haystack”. Since searching for buried treasure is always just like finding a needle in a haystack but not knowing where the haystack is. He confiscated a golden buddha statue from a poor treasure hunter. Then when this treasure hunter told the media about it, and the issue blew up, he returned a fake statue to the treasure hunter. The treasure hunter knew it was fake because the original buddha that was confiscated, had a “removable” head, and inside the statue, there were diamonds. Yes, a golden buddha about 4ft high, was filled with diamonds. What was returned to him was a fake statue with no “removable head”, and sadly, no diamonds.
May 18, 2020
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