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Game: Take your pick!
Instructions: Choose only one or two topics among the choices below and defend your answer! 😄

Example: DOG OR CAT?
My answer - I choose dogs because I haven’t had any experience with cats yet, and cats tend to scare me sometimes. 🤣

Beach or Mountain?
Summer or Winter?
Sushi or Ramen?
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate Chip Cookie or Oatmeal Cookie?
Burger or Pizza?
Ice cream or Milkshake?
Dog or Cat?
Coca Cola or Pepsi?
Pineapples on Pizza? Or No pineapples on pizza?

Italki Community Tutor
May 18, 2020 7:00 PM
Comments · 6
Winter is horrible because it's dark and slushy outside. One misstep and your feet are wet the whole day.

Summer is horrible because of sweat and mosquitos. If you go from outside to inside somewhere with strong air conditioning, you get sick.

Mother nature is horrible.
May 18, 2020
Ice cream or Milkshake?

I choose ice cream. I have fond memories of eating ice cream with my family. Eating ice cream will allow me to remain close to family, regardless of distance.

Summer or Winter?

Summer. I have arthritis. Cold and damp weather increases pain causing limited movement. Warmer weather allows me to be more productive.
May 19, 2020
Pineapples on Pizza? Or No pineapples on pizza? My answer is Pineapples on pizza because it's my Favorite topping.
May 19, 2020
Coca Cola or Pepsi? My answer is Coca Cola, because the "Holidays are coming" :)
May 18, 2020
Beach or mountain?

Mountain, because I like an active leisure! And to feel a good kind of exhausted after hiking :)
On top of that, I hate the sand! And the beach has got a lot of sand. 
May 18, 2020
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