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Hello there! Do you guys read any books in English as a way to learn and practice the language? What are your favorite books and/or “quotes to live by”? 😁
I’ve recently read “Blink! the power of thinking without thinking “ by Malcolm Gladwell and “The gifts of imperfection” by Brene Brown and here are some of my notes:
We have, as human beings, a storytelling problem. We’re a bit too quick to come up with explanations for things we don’t really have an explanation for”

We have to accept our ignorance and say I don’t know more often”

Not only do we need to own our story and love ourselves in the process, we have to figure out the real story“

If we want to live fully, without the constant fear of not being enough, we have to own our story“

Share your favorites! 😊
18 May 2020 20:52
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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck Quotes by Mark Manson

1. “If you live your life solely in search of pleasure, you’ll actually end up living a life full of mistakes. Conversely, if you experience the occasional instance of suffering, you’ll be equipped to lead a better, happier life.”
2. “Self-awareness is like an onion. There are multiple layers to it, and the more you peel them back, the more likely you are going to start crying at an inappropriate time.”
3. “Giving too many fucks is bad for you.”
4. “People who become great at something become great because they understand that they’re not already great – they are mediocre, they are average – and that they could be so much better.”
5. “Don’t hope for a life without problems. There’s no such thing. Instead, hope for a life full of good problems.”

19 Mayıs 2020
Hi I've read many books,in fact they motivated me a lot for instance (the power of positive thinking)
i recommend it to you
19 Mayıs 2020
add me let's talk
19 Mayıs 2020
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