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Транссибирская магистраль, tr./ Trans-Siberian Railway
It's always been a dream of mine to travel from Moscow and end up in Vladivostok or China. Has anyone ever done this route? Any interesting stops on the way? It would be great to hear any experiences about the route or if you know something about it.... I'm all ears... 🙃
May 18, 2020 9:35 PM
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It sounds great! Thanks for sharing.
May 26, 2020
I did more or less a half of it—started in Moscow and got off in Krasnoyarsk. I took that trip alone, in the 3rd class (platskart in Russian) which are open space, without doors between compartments. I think for foreigners 3rd class long distance Russian trains are not only the most budget-friendly but are also a fantastic way to observe and interact with Russians of different ages and backgrounds.
Krasnoyarsk, the city where I got off the train which is about a 3 day train ride away from Moscow, is worth stopping in as it is surrounded by national parks, forests, mountains. As Natalia mentioned it, Baykal is definitely worth exploring as it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country which can offer a lot, though I’ve never been there but it’s on my bucket list.
May 20, 2020
Hi Natalia, Lake Baikal is a massive lake, the seventh largest in the world. What attracts you to this area? I'm sure there are various things to do....
May 20, 2020
I'm also dreaming of a long train journey from Moscow eastwards. Perhaps, Vladivostok is too far away. I'd stay for a while somewhere near Baikal)
The Altai mountains are also very beautiful, but you need to take the southern branch to get there.
May 19, 2020
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