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SATs part 6 Check my mistakes thank you
She abominates living vicariously through her boss
He has a host of anecdotes to tell people. All anecdotes are amusing
She is very straight forward. She does not care people's feelings. When she has altercation, her response is candid.
I perceive that he is still single until now because of his smell of breath, which is a deterrent to attract female
I trust in my leader, but he is fallible. People think he is capable to take over the team, but it is totally mistaken.
He incites people including racial hatred joining in the rally
When college students start their first semester in college, by the time they start to learn and use jargon, which is a technical words.
Oh my gosh, this teacher goes every lesson so fast, I get in a muddle over some parts of lessons.
The government just perpetuates the financial law which supports citizen's healthcare system.

May 19, 2020 3:39 AM
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