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Why Saying F*** Benefits You?!!
Today I was reading an article about the benefits of swearing words. Personally I don’t use such words and they don’t trip off my tongue. When I was reading, I remembered some of my friends who used these words a lot and they thought that life is impossible without saying swearing words.

So I decided to bring up this discussion to know your opinions. These are my questions, you can choose to answer to all of them or to each one you like:
First of all, according to the article what other benefits do you see in swearing and also do you think if something has benefits we are allowed to do it?
Do you think life is impossible if we don’t use swearing words?
Have you ever tried to stop using those words?
How can we express our feelings without saying those words in different situations?
Do you feel the awkwardness of the swearing words in your target language?
And do you think social media has made people to use more of these words in their lives?

May 19, 2020 8:58 AM
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I'm a great fan of selective swearing.

Some people swear constantly. This just causes the listener to either stop listening or to become desensitized to their swearing. When someone like this has something that's really worth swearing about, they won't be able to express themselves because they swear all the time anyway.

For the best effect, use swear words sparingly. They don't have to be used in anger. If you're normally well-spoken, dropping an unexpected f-bomb can be used to great comic effect, or to show an unusual degree of enthusiasm. Of course, you should also know your audience. Some people will always be offended by swearing, no matter who does it, no matter the context.
May 19, 2020
Have I ever used those words? Yes.

However, that doesn't make it right.

I think using other words has benefits. By using curse words as filler words, we show a lack of ability to express ourselves well.

I can say

"That was an extremely tall tree that seemed capable of producing much fruit."

or I can say

"That ---- was ---- tall. It can ---- ----- out a lot of ----- ------." (You can fill in the blanks with curse words)

Which sentence conveys a thought that is concrete and intelligent? I didn't supply the curse words, but who is to say that what you fill in would match what I was thinking? 13 concrete words compared to 8. I've specified what my thought on the tree is; I didn't leave it to you to guess what I was talking about.

One word to describe a plethora of things is not good. It leads to confusion. People must then invest time and energy into deciphering what you really want to say. And, the repetition can also get tiring after a while. Don't believe me? Have a small child say "Are we there yet?" over and over for five hours on a car trip. That can have the same effect.
May 19, 2020
(I haven't read your link, yet.)
I have a small farm. It's a funny shape - 2 kilometres long and 400 metres wide. My neighbour's farm is the same shape along the 2 km long boundary.
My neighbour is very quiet. He doesn't talk much. If you try ringing him on the phone to ask about something ... well goodluck getting anything useful.
But, when my neighbour is out shifting his sheep, using his dogs, I can often hear him. He yells, in his loudest voice, the most foul language! Swearing and cursing at his dogs for doing the wrong thing, pushing the sheep the wrong way, leaving sheep behind. But all I hear is Beep Beep Beep ...

I think that it helps him to reduce his stress. But it does sound incredibly stressful.

Before I was serious about farming, I visited a farm. I asked the farmer how he got his dogs back into their kennels ... He said that he feeds them in there, so they go in.
I heard him use a lot of ... not swear words, but certainly impolite language telling his dogs that they were doing the wrong thing. I asked the farmer what he said when the dogs did something right ... He said that it hadn't happened yet!

Now, I have a dog on my farm. He respects me and works hard. But my partner can't get the dog to move animals for her, well, not the right direction. Because she hasn't learnt the key words I use to command the dog ... "Get out of it you mangy mongrel!"
(I thought long and hard about that phrase - close enough to swearing, but not offensive if someone hears me yelling. :)
May 19, 2020
I think if you're an adult you should be free to use an occasional swear word depending on the place where you say it. Kids of course shouldn't swear.
May 19, 2020
Hearing other people I know well, especially the ladies, pepper their speech with an occasional swear word tells me they are comfortable with me. I like that.
May 19, 2020
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