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Pedro Piantino
Can you give me a tip about english pronunciation?
In portuguese, my mattern language, is very easy to recognize how to pronounce each vowel, but in english seems like almost every word change the way how to pronounce the same vowel, like:
Bear, fear. (Bér, fiar)
Put, but. (Put, bât)

And there are more infinity examples, like these, I’m just trying to find some rules (I know that there are expetions for pratically all languages rulles) but I need just some tips to help me and guide in my studies.

May 19, 2020 11:22 AM
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I can't give any advice, but if it's any consolation, many native speakers have trouble with the irregular correspondence between spelling and pronunciation.

There is a joke about mispronunciation. 'If someone says a word wrong, don't laugh - it means they learnt it by reading.' The sillier version of the joke says that we should encourage mispronunciation in order to encourage people to read (obviously this version isn't meant to be taken seriously!).

On the other hand, it's not too rare for an articulate, well-educated native speaker to make frequent spelling mistakes.
May 19, 2020
Hi Pedro!! Here's a Youtube video I found that might be helpful. It discusses vowel sounds. Also do you struggle with pronouncing words that end in the letters ed? Most of my students are from Brazil.
May 19, 2020
Do you want to study pronunciation or spelling?

If you want to learn correct pronunciation, don't use written English words. The English spelling system is not 1:1. You can use an app like Anki, where you make your own flashcards. The flashcards can be picture + audio, no written word. So you can learn correct pronunciation first. (I find this useful with Chinese words, where there is no "spelling." I learn to say the word first, writing comes later.)

If you already know how to pronounce many words correctly and want to learn correct spelling, yes, there are some "rules" but not many and they aren't very helpful anyway. In middle school, we had a weekly list of "spelling words" that we had to memorize and then we had a weekly "spelling test."

My husband, a native English speaker, once told me that he learned how to spell by looking up in the dictionary every word that he couldn't spell. The process was slow but it worked.
May 19, 2020
There are some rules but you better learn by heart ...just listening a lot and you will get the right sound.
May 19, 2020
Hi,I am Chinese,I’m learning English now. Can we talk about it?
May 19, 2020
Pedro Piantino
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