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Essay on evironment topic: suggest your corrections and improvements
Hey guys, I'm preparing for FCE exam and I'd be happy if you correct some mistakes in this essay and suggest some improvements :)

What can young people do to protect and improve their local environment?

Although these days the government raises people’s awareness of ecological danger, many people claim that teenagers need to care about the area they live in more.

There are many ways of encouraging young people to protect their local environment. Firstly, things can be recycled. Every child can contribute to the society by giving rubbish to recycling centers or simply re-use things. Also, statistics show that every school provides annual recycling events. Therefore, students can bring old copybooks there and earn some money.

Secondly, as the car fumes greatly impact our surroundings, bicycles can be used instead of cars. If young people do so, there will be less air pollution, which will increase the number of people going for a walk and enjoying fresh air.

Furthermore, young generation can help economize electricity. By saving electric power, society can maintain natural resources. All we have to do is turn off the light when it is not needed or use solar panels.

To sum up, when every teenager starts to follow these small steps (recycling, using less cars, saving electricity) we can make our environment better. 
19 Th05 2020 17:55
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