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A new style of North Korean News Channel - About framing thoughts
Finally North Korea has chosen to update and modernize its news channel.
This posting is NOT about the content or politics itself, but the way this new news channel is presented in newspapers. 'North Korea's propaganda changes' is the title of some Western and Asian newspapers presenting these news. Don;t get me wrong, I do not want at all to defend North Korean politics, I am just concerned with framing. North Korean news are called automatically propaganda. But what about Fox News, lies by American politicians about bio-chemical weapons of Iraq which started a war and turned out to be wrong? This is not about comparing North Korea and America, but to point out the framing. We create like in fairy tales the good and the bad. Some might call this political correct (or over-correct), but often we do not see how frames direct our thinking. When an Islamic country is involved in a war, the headlines always contain 'Islamic'. But would any newspaper write that Christians have attacked Iraq? So there is another frame: Islam - terror - war. Although statistics do not support this, the frame is being created.
May 19, 2020 10:42 PM
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Here some more videos of the most famous news announcer in North Korea:

May 20, 2020
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