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Are we programmed?

Nowadays, I am just a little bored! I just can see how people are programmed! Even the most educated and smart people are programmed with this difference that they have more sophisticated ideas about everything. But at the end of day, they are programmed too! In order to see my point, you can look around yourself to see many examples! For example, right here on italki it is so common for people who want to present themselves as a teacher to say " I have learned a second language myself thus I know how difficult and challenging it could be!" Yes, somehow all of use are programmed! We have been given some ideas by the society, scientist, the media, .... and run them all the time. My question is " what is freedom? " Is it an idea given to us? What the hell is this all about? Can we get out of this ? 
May 20, 2020 4:21 AM
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Programed?? Not at all... Let me re boot my system and I'll answer the question.
May 20, 2020
It seems that perhaps you could have an interest in philosophy, psychology and social science.
Although the question seems simple, the answers aren't. If somebody just said yes and stopped at that, then other questions come into play, such as why? and how?
We are all affected by social conditioning..... this is a large subject, so all I can say is to research it.
A question I wonder about from time to time is "how can we de-condition ourselves?" My conclusion is spending time in the nature helps a great deal.

NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) has been popular over the years. In the UK, it used to be very common to see courses for NLP, so it definitely has an affect in society.
The field of marketing uses persuasion, so there's a kind of programming there.
Your question, "What is freedom?" opens so many further questions that attempt to answer this. Philosophers have many opinions about this.
I'd say freedom is subjective as it leads to the question: Do we really have free will or just a finite number of choices?
Fundamental life questions are great areas to read and discuss.

Quote by Socrates: “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” (One of the three maxims; check them out)

In summary, there's no quick answer to certain questions in order to get a comprehensive answer. Exploring the answers and seeing the various perspectives is the interesting part.
Try looking at the works of Plato.
May 20, 2020
Yes we are programmed because we usually don't think out of the box, for me i'm trying to be more critic about everything around me not because i'm a judgmental person but because i don't like to be biased to a specific idea just because i was indoctrinated to it in school or house or university,, i think this is the freedom of thinking
May 21, 2020
Alberto, do you think this is part of the 'butterfly effect'?
May 20, 2020
How often I have come across with an idea, reading or talking with others, and, all of a sudden I have noticed that I thought a similar thing before hand.
I'm far from being an expert but, maybe it happens because all of us feed from the same sources, therefore it must be tricky to build a different house using the same bricks. 
Let me add that even your point of view isn't too much original indeed. 
May 20, 2020
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