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Florian K.
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Is entertainment a Psychological necessity?
  When the biggest TV network in my country shut down temporarily, I can honestly say that I was unaffected. Why? Because for me, watching TV is not a necessity. I haven’t watched a full length film for 6 years nor I am a fan of Korean dramas and even our local entertainment shows. It’s not a physical necessity like food , water or exercise nor is it a psychological necessity. The rise of digital media made the attention span of people pretty short and I can vouch that a lot of the people I know cannot even watch a YouTube documentary or content that exceeds 10 minutes. Why? People get easily bored with the millions of individuals trying to get the attention of the internet.

         I can speak from my perspective that entertainment is not a psychological necessity. I will not go crazy without it nor will my mental faculties diminish if I missed watching a Teledrama. However, I know that it is different for others. I used to work as a customer service agent before and I am in charge of TV subscriptions. Most of the customers are the older generation, those who can no longer do strenuous tasks or hobbies and they are stuck at home watching TV. In addition, parents also need TV, not for themselves but for their kids. TV and entertainment is sometimes being used as a “babysitter” at least temporarily. Thus, I know a few parents who would be disappointed if entertainment is completely eliminated. 

I would like to ask a few questions?
Can you live without TV?
Can you live without entertainment?

I know that I can because if my forefathers survived the war and an era with no electricity. I am pretty sure we can. However, I also know a lot of people who are dependent on entertainment and if they miss a single episode of Crash Landing On You ,it’s like the end of the world for them. I cannot live without the forest, nature and the mountains because for me, it helps me keep my sanity,especially if you work online. But I can say that TV and entertainers are just entertainers. Their value is not as high as those front liners battling a virus.
May 20, 2020 4:41 AM
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If you asked me these questions in the 80's or 90's I would have said that I couldn't live without TV. I still can't live without entertainment though. Music is how I cope with life.
May 20, 2020
The people acting out the roles we see on TV live in a very different world from most of their viewers, as do the writers and directors. The viewers really ought to bear that in mind.

Here's a fun, obscure little factoid: the word entertainment originally meant something along the lines of upkeep, maintenance. That is, it came to mean the things we do to maintain our mental faculties and well-being. I see it as a major fault in modern society that watching TV was at some point equated with maintaining well-being (entertainment). If we say that watching TV helps us to maintain our mental well-being, we may as well say the same about drugs and alcohol. Get hooked on the product, and you will need it to feel okay.

I think a minority of films and TV series can constitute entertainment in that archaic sense of the word: sincere films that communicate a thoughtful writer's or director's perspective on the world; acting performances that express an emotion that badly needs to be expressed; surprising colours and designs that explode on the screen and prompt the viewer to 'wake up' from whatever malaise they're currently in.

But most films and TV are ultimately made for money, and the surest way to make money is to identify a formula that works and stick with it. And when creatives are bound to strict, rigid formulas, they stop making anything of worth.

In any case, watching TV shouldn't be considered hugely important. It should be pretty low down on most people's list of priorities. If a person is equating watching TV with eating, sleeping and exercise, then they have a problem.
May 20, 2020
Hello Florian. You are very welcome.
You asked me what type of books do I find interesting; well, actually I read every type of books in all genres if someone recommend me and if I know that it has a nice story. Mostly I love reading novels, classic novels. Recently I've started to read novels in English. The ones that there are movies based on them. First I watch the movie and then I start to read the book. In this case, I found it easier to follow and read the book, although there are still lots of words I have to look for.
May 21, 2020
@Антон I get your point Anton. However, I wrote this way because the entertainers protested in Congress to prioritize the TV franchise instead of more important things. My country is a poor country and although entertainment is necessary for some. I detest actors who are self-entitled telling people that TV is essential and that people cannot survive without TV dramas. The congress of our country is busy enough trying to save those who are in poverty. If it was you @Антон, who is more important? Actors who complain that they lost millions of income per day or people who could barely eat 3 meals a day but are fighting for a good cause? Is it glorifying others at someone's expense. I have not written the entire account of the issue but I am not someone who will mince my words. Actors are just simple as that..they cannot create a vaccine nor can they save lives...It's all over the social media in my country how they ranted about losing millions just because they can't shoot a film while nurses who work 14 hours a day and sacrifice their lives can barely do a rant.

Entertainment is not essential, not as essential as food, water and medicine and yet they get to complain about losing 7 figures a day because their TV station was shut down due to irregularities. I am not trying to glorify others at the expense of others. I am stating facts and opinions that were not included in my article but since you have mentioned it, I took a few minutes to explain..Now, I need to go back to work.

Now, I did not include their rants in my, I don't know why you just concluded that I glorified others at someone's expense.....I was actually asking a question about entertainment but you focused on the last part...SADLY..
An actor in my country with $20 million in net worth was ranting on Social media about the importance of the TV station. In this situation, where a lot of people are dying, is it right? He even told the press that he can't feed his family..
May 20, 2020
Hello Frorian,

I’d like to share some of my thoughts on the topic.
When I was a little, I had no chance to watch any TV programs because I was the only child who had no TV at home in my class; hence,
spending time on watching TV was not something that would give me a joyful time. The reason that we had no TV at home was simple, my
parents wanted to have more time to talk with their kids during dinner time or any other free time we spent in a living room, but not use it as a tool
to babysit us.
Because of such background during my childhood, I see the term entertainment in more variety ways. For instance, observing small changes in nature
while working on a project inspires me a lot, and amuses me as well.

I know there are some well-made TV program in my country, but I rarely watch them because I need to devote a great deal of my free time to study English and French.
So answering your question, I can live without TV, but I found that TV programs in my target languages contain invaluable information; therefore, I cannot live without it. In deed, I enjoy watching some YouTube channels and Netflix for a pure pleasure (in English).

As for the entertainment, if there were nothing to entertain us, we would be hugely depressed and hardly survive such harsh life. Remember the time we are/were under quarantine, people need a fun moment, and again, I personally can’t stop watching Big Bang Theory and Gilmore Girls.

May 20, 2020
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