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Best age to learn L2
Is it from birth, 1, 2 or 3 years old? Maybe even older? Share your opinions!
2020年5月20日 11:05
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According to studies I've read about, there is no particular age at which one can no longer acquire a language fully. Yes, there is a notion that with age it will be a bit harder grammar-wise and accent-wise. Harder, however, doesn't means impossible. So, from my point of view, all life is the best for learning :D
@martin love it you’ve got a great point there regarding adult ability to acquire another language!
Hey there! The earlier the better! Some authors talk about something called "Lateralisation"
This is basically how our brains change in the early stages of our infancy. Some believe that before the age of 5 if a language is learned the person may acquire a true bilingual status. This is a little controversial mainly because it wouldn't be encouraging for adults to learn a new language and it also poses the question on what a real bilingual person really is.

Based on what I've seen on little children learning abilities I'd say again: the earlier, the better.

Hope that makes sense


Very good question!
@Andy well, it would be easier for her to start now, as it could be presented as a part of game, and there is little to none pressure from school lessons. And she is less likely to have a strong foreign accent in L2 that way. But, in the end, it is only for you to decide :)
@ned great input thanks! I have a little 5m old daughter and I’m pondering as to when to introduce her another language! All really interesting
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