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What movies/TV shows deserve more attention or don't deserve the hate? Why?
The Last Lions.

This documentary deserves to be on everybody's must-see list. It's a film that will transform you, in what way will depend on what inspirations you can draw from watching it.

Oftentimes, films center on human protagonists to visualize a journey or an adventure in life but this documentary shifted away from that. But that's not the best part for me. What I like most is that this film is not your typical wildlife encounter documentary. The host who narrates what you can obviously see onscreen is non-existent.

There's definitely a narrator though by the name of Jeremy Irons. His voice is just perfection for me.

If you're going to watch the film, let me warn you that at certain instances the scenes might feel overly dramatized and not authentic at all due to the clever and artistic editing of the filmmakers combined with touching music. I'm biased so I would just credit their artistry and narrative expertise.

Note: Let's keep in mind that people are biased on their preferences. Let's not take to heart whatever they might share that we don't agree with. 😇
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