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What is the hardest part of learning English ?
Hi folks ! How are you doing out there?

Please, tell me: what is the most difficult part of learning English for you ?

But don't say just: grammar or speaking. Try to by more specific. You can treat this question as a writing drill ;)
You can also tell why you learn English. Is it purely for personal purposes or you need it for your professional life ? Or maybe it's a mix of both? What motivates you and makes you frustrated? 

Let's start with my:
I learn English mainly because it allows me to communicate with folks form all around the world. It also certainly helps me with my career. I'm able to expand my knowledge using international materials, not only these from my country.

These days most difficult part for me is discussing more complex topics. Clearly, I need to learn more advanced vocabulary and step out of my comfort zone while having conversations. I also wanted to incorporate into my speech more native expressions to sound more like a native. I worked it out now but It was a bit of a puzzle for me for a while.

Now it's your turn ;)

May 20, 2020 4:05 PM
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