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2020年5月21日 16:42
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If you already know English, French is not that hard. Maybe one or two hundred hours for A2, which will actually allow you to have basic conversation — if you study with the goal of attaining fluency. Focus on pronunciation, grammar, and fluidity. Reading will be relatively easy once your speaking and listening skills are in place. If you also know one or more additional Indo-European languages, that will help as well. You can spread the hours out (best for long-term retention) or you can study more intensively (best if you have a real application for the language in the immediate future).

Hello, it usually takes 8 months to 1 year to master A2 or even B1 , it depends on your approach to learn the language and what parameter will be taken to learn it.
If you practice the 4 skills , I believe 8 months is very possible, just don't focus too much on one skill and leave the other behind.
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