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Pavel Ashevskii
Let's practice our English!
Hi, my name Pavel and I'm from Russia! 
So, I think that English practice is very important for successful learning this language, probably you are thinking the same, right? We can help with it to each other, I just offer to have a small talk about any topic on English via skype. We can discuss anything that you want, like sport, weather, culture phenomenons of our countries and science (excepting politics/religions, because it can be some sensitive topic for someone :) ). 
Do not be shy if your English level is not very high, as you can see, my level is just A2 and I'm also restricted in explaining some things in English. 

Also, If you are leaning Russian - I ready to help you with explanation some tricky things or small talking on Russian, but I expect that I'll get some English practice from your side. 
May 22, 2020 7:44 AM
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Pavel Ashevskii
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