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Kallia Trian
Please help me understand
是不是送报纸的来了?my textbook says it means “is that the man who delivers the newspaper?”

But where’s the word man?
and what 来了 means here?:/
May 22, 2020 10:49 AM
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是不是送报纸的来了?But where’s the word man?

送报纸的means the person (man) who sent you the newspaper. In Chinese, we like to use the '' to means the someone. You can also use 送报纸的 but this is usually omitted since the '的' already implied that there is a person doing the action. For example, 送货 usually implied the delivery man.

just a personal opinion, I would not use 送货 to describe a delivery man because it felt derogatory. I would rather use 送货as it sounds more polite.

and what 来了 means here?:
Simple, mean the one who came here. So 送报纸的(the paperboy)来了(Came).

Just mt 2 cents worth.
May 22, 2020
送报纸 means "deliver newspapers"
送报纸的 means "the one who delivers newspapers"
In Chinese, it's grammatically wrong to say "那个女”, but it's ok to say "那个女的"(it could sound unpolite, so be careful with this usage)
Similarly you can say, 教书的(the one whose job is teaching in a school, teacher), 打鱼的(the one whose job is fishing, fishman), 唱歌的(the one whose job is singing, singer), so I think you got it, right?

来了 means "come, has arrived". But in the English translation, apparently they didn't use the word come.
May 22, 2020
The word man in this senstence has been ignored. This is a special grammer in Madarin. You can also say 是不是送报纸的(人)来了?
"来了"means here come. Acctually the sentence means " Does the man come who delivers the newspaper"
May 22, 2020
Kallia Trian
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