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What are your thoughts on Digital Privacy?
With recent events involving Zoom, people are paying more attention to digital privacy issues. However, I believe that people do not realize the extent to which Internet companies are tracking them. To that end, I want to go over a few things on the subject and see what people's thoughts are.

Any time you search something on Google/YouTube, Google logs that information and uses it to make money off of you by displaying personalized ads. Google Analytics and Google Chrome track you around the internet and use the sites you visit to learn information about you. This information is used to by Google so they can make money off of you by showing relevant ads.
Every time you use voice search, such as on your phone, Google records your voice and keeps the recordings on their servers. Furthermore, any time you use Google Maps Google will store a history of the places you've visited. Many people don't realize that you can disable some of these things from your account settings found here:
Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and almost all other Internet companies track you as well, utilizing many different technologies, such as tracking cookies, along with a lot of information that people willingly give them, often not realizing that all that information is kept and stored. Microsoft tracks you just as much as Google does, especially if you use a modern version of Windows like Windows 10. For example if you talk to Cortana (Microsoft's digital assistant/voice search) everything you say is recorded and sent to the cloud. If you go to your Microsoft account settings, you can play back your voice searches from many years ago. See Smart devices such as Alexa gather ridiculous amounts of information about their users.
Again, many people don't realize that you can adjust your privacy settings to limit some of the tracking.

I could talk about this for a very long time, but the point is, I don't believe enough people realize these things. I think a lot of people are ignorant about these issues, and don't realize that by adjusting some settings you can avoid a lot of tracking. What are your thoughts? Have you heard of these issues before, and are you taking any steps to take back your privacy? Have you ever looked at your phone's privacy settings before/ your apps' permissions before? Do you believe people are interested in this topic?
22 de may de 2020 18:03
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I've heard that giant internet companies such as Google and Facebook sell our information to advertisers before, but I never realized that even my voice or history of the place I've visited is recorded. These facts made me feel scared. I'm so worried about how they affect me that I decided to follow your advice. I'm sure this article is worth seeing for everyone. Good job :)
28 de Mayo de 2020
You make a very convincing argument. This is something that I have also been concerned about for a long time but I must admit I propably do not do a good job of keeping my digital footprint as private as I could.
22 de Mayo de 2020
@Masa-san Thank you for your comment, and compliment!
I'm scared about this too, but I'm happy that my article taught you something new.

1 de Junio de 2020
@Shaun Thanks for your comment! I'm happy to hear that you were aware that this is an issue! I'm quite passionate about this subject lol. I'm considering writing something up about it.
If you are concerned about privacy, there are a number of resources out there to help people minimize their digital footprint. My personal favorite is DuckDuckGo, which is a search engine that doesn't track your search history. They have a lot of resources/guides on their blog, see here:
ProtonMail and Mozilla are good resources too. The latest versions of Mozilla Firefox have built-in tracker blockers.
I have also heard good things about Signal, an encrypted messaging app.
And again, the easiest thing to do is just check your Google account settings, as well as the privacy settings/app permissions on your devices.

22 de Mayo de 2020
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