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Hiroshi Catuyama
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Looking for a good Ukrainian material to learn
Hi! My name is Hiroshi.
Recently, I started to learn Ukrainian to more seriously. And I am looking a good material to use to study.

Can you recommend me a site or YouTube channel or app and other?

p.s now I am focusing in listening and reading 😁
May 22, 2020 9:27 PM
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Hi Hiroshi,

Here are some of the resources that I use:

  1. Ukrainian Lessons Podcast (one of the best resources for learning Ukrainian, in my opinion);
  2. -- there are some great summaries and charts with respect to grammar. I find this site very handy when I need to double-check the endings for different cases;
  3. -- this online dictionary gives you the conjugation for verbs as well as the endings for every case;
  4. -- this YouTube channel is targeted towards beginners, so it may be a bit too easy for you as an A2, but there are still some great videos and it's always helpful to practice listening;
  5. -- another great channel for learning Ukrainian with lots of short lessons
  6. -- a third channel targeted towards Ukrainian language learners- also lots of useful information
  7. -- this is a podcast a language partner of mine started for learners of Ukrainian - every podcast episode has a full script which is very helpful if you don't catch everything while listening;
  8. -- this E-book is for levels A2-B1 - I used the first book published by this author (100 Easy Ukrainian Texts), and really liked it; I anticipate this one will be good as well;
  9. -- there are some intermediate lessons which may be helpful
  10. Duolingo -- the duolingo app has Ukrainian - it's not bad as a supplement, particularly if you want to drill cases.

I hope that helps!

May 26, 2020
May 27, 2020
Thank you for answering, Anastasiia! And, sorry of my late reply.
I also like Pustovit, although I don't know 99,9% what he says 😂
May 25, 2020
Hi! If you want to have some fun and practice listening then check out PUSTOVIT chanel on Youtube.
If you want to read texts then google
1) Українська мова для іноземців. Практикум
2) "Збірник текстів та вправ з української мови для іноземних студентів І-ІІ курс" or
3) "УКРАЇНСЬКА МОВА ДЛЯ ІНОЗЕМЦІВ Частина ІІ. Морфологія" Руслана Жангазинова, Світлана Кусяк
Good luck :)

May 24, 2020
Hiroshi Catuyama
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