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English, male, upper class
In The Crown series, there was a situation, when Churchill and his deputy both got ill, and couldn't rule the country for a week.

They whithheld it from the Queen, but she occasionally found out it and asked a professor, that used to come teaching her at that time, of what she should do with them.

He said: 'Summon them and give them a good dressing down like children'.
'Why would they stand for that?' the Queen asked.
He answered: 'Because they are English, male and upper class. A good dressing down from nanny is what they most want in life'.

Why did he made such kind of generalisation of upper class Englishmen, at least of that generation? Why would they want to be punished by a nanny? Is it connected with how nannies used to bring them up?
May 23, 2020 10:22 AM
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i think this has a bit of a double meaning. Its funny because in the context dressing down is a bit like undressing so that is the joke
May 23, 2020
This is an example of humour, written and performed some 60 (?) years after the (supposed) events. It's not meant to be realistic, and it owes a certain amount to current British social divisions and prejudices - as is appropriate, perhaps, in a drama for modern audiences :) This book gives a little more context'Because%20they%20are%20English%2C%20male%20and%20upper%20class.%20A%20good%20dressing%20down%20from%20nanny%20is%20what%20they%20most%20want%20in%20life'.&pg=PT319#v=onepage&q=source%20%20'Because%20they%20are%20English,%20male%20and%20upper%20class.%20A%20good%20dressing%20down%20from%20nanny%20is%20what%20they%20most%20want%20in%20life'.&f=false
May 23, 2020
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