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My routine
Hello.For my best progress i think i need to do something like this,just to write a little story about me,on different topics.This story will be first,My standart day is usually starts at 7 am.After my wake up i go to the bathroom,do my clean thing like wash my face under cold water,brush my teeth.Then , a make bad ,do exercises ,put my military uniform and going to my service. In first i go to a dining room,where i can eat,absolutely for free.On the breakfast we are usually get some pasta,potato,meat,eags,a cookies,some black tea and often coffee.And after some meal we usually have a working meeting,where ours(i mean soldiers like me) brase tell us what we should do today,we take plan of
the day.After this we are doing our work until midday,have two hour of break on lunch,and end working at 19 pm.In evening i usually go just a little walk on the street,talk on the phone with my parents,friends,go to the grocery shop where i can buy some candy,and cake for coffee,and than came back to my home.In the home i like doing stuff like,read books,play in computer games,watch movies,series,and study English of course.Sometimes when i am not so lazy i am running on the street just on the pavements.In evening on the street i don't meet a lot of people usually.Only one problem you have when you running in the evening on the pavements ,it's exhaust from all day traffic cars.And eventually i go to sleep at 01 am usually.Bye.
Don't be very criticizing for my grammar,i need do more practice of write,i know.
23 de Mai de 2020 às 11:02
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