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What do you think about learning a language
To learn a new language, there are four main aspects
First, reading, the second listening third one writing and the last and most tough I think is speaking.
I was learning English from my school days but not so effectively that is why I had faced many difficulties nowadays in my career.
I have been studying in a school where learning English is compulsory but it is only for the exam to be passed, and that is the big reason why I am not so good in English .this is my own mistakes not to learn English at a basic level. Our teachers were trying to give every lesson on school days but we are the students who didn't learn enough. Though it depends on person to person I have so many friends who are too good at English because they learn better than me.

Those who ignore the language at his /her primary level are the losers just like me. After completing my graduation in 2014, I got a job in the banking sector. After getting the job, I feel the pain for not learning the language so seriously in my earlier days. I am good at other subjects and that help me to get the job anyway. But somehow I feel a lack of confidence while writing emails, business letter or similar things in office.

After several years of my life, I realize that I am not so good at English. I understand almost everything while reading and listening but the problem occurs when it comes to writing and speaking.

I have a lot of grammar problems when I write something, also feel uncomfortable while writing.
Then the next stage I think it is very hard for me, it is speaking with someone in English. I feel so nervous and got scared. When a customer talks with English I have understood everything that they said to me but when I tried to give an answer to them I was stunned almost silent. No single word comes from my mouth even though my heads are full of words but I am not able to give a reply. I think this is the problem because of the fear of being judgemental. We think that other people's opinion about us.

And I thank italki for bringing the application where I can easily get the correction which I have written in my notebook. That feature is the most loveable to me. It's helped me a lot to improve my writing skills.

I am learning this language for the second time in my life at the age of 28, I know there is no age for learning we can learn at any point of life, we only need to be focused with our goals.

I strongly believe that we can achieve anything if we want.
I am writing here to express my own experience. If you have any similar thoughts you can share with me and I will be very happy if any native speaker could advise me as well on learning the language.

All the best

May 24, 2020 12:16 PM
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May 24, 2020
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