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Indigenous - Native to a specific area
Indigenous in a sentence - “ Respect for indigenous cultures is essential for helping preserve the rich history of the people who came before us”
Part of speech : Adjective
Origin: Latin, 17th century
Do you know the original inhabitants of your country?

24. Mai 2020 12:30
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The English (that is, the Anglo-Saxons) started migrating to the island of Great Britain (that is, the largest of the lands called Britain, of which another is Brittany in north-western France) in the 5th century, and were the dominant ethnicity and culture by the 7th century. Before them, there were the Britons. Most of the indigenous Britons were pushed away into the western parts of the islands. Some of those displaced Britons were named wīelisc by the Anglo-Saxons, meaning foreigner (evidently the Anglo-Saxons had, by then, forgotten who was there first); this is where the term Welsh comes from. So, from a fifteen-hundred-year-old's point of view, you could say that Welsh people (inhabitants of Wales) are the indigenous people of Britain.
24. Mai 2020

Native Americans / Indians.

Yet, even though I am caucasian, I am indigenous to America.

So, I am a native American, yet not a Native American.

Spoken, one may not be able to notice the difference. Yet there is a difference. One letter makes a big difference.
24. Mai 2020
How long do your ancestors have to have been here to be indigenous? The Indians in N America came in waves, not all together. So would only the first wave count as indigenous? What about the Eskimos? They have only been here 3,000 years.

24. Mai 2020
@Kai E woooooah thanks for the history lesson so amazing and interesting 😃
24. Mai 2020
But I was born here, I am a native. I have never been to Europe.

We could extrapolate your argument to say that no one is indigenous, since the entire population came from one spot. Only the people living in that one spot would be indigenous, yet even then there is a chance they may not be
24. Mai 2020
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