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When was the last time you ate in a restaurant?
I ate in a restaurant yesterday for the first time in two months! In Ohio there's some restaurants opened now where you can eat indoors. I was of course nervous since I'm in the high risk category but I felt at ease in the restaurant. The employees were all wearing masks. They spaced the guests in the restaurant far apart. The tables were wiped down after each guest. It was a pizza place. It was nice after getting fast food through the drive through or semi warm take out food for the past two months.
24 May 2020 20:41
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Now I have a craving for ribbon fries from the county fairs.
25 Mayıs 2020
Sorry Alice, that (Biersticks) might well be a NZ thing. It's a small salami, quite mild in flavour.

And no need to get envious - I'm sure there are restaurants in your neck of the woods that don't buy frozen fries?
25 Mayıs 2020
My last meal in a restaurant was on the 21st of March.
I had a nicely pan-fried Snapper fillet with home-made fries and a salad. =}

I don't eat out all that often, it's too expensive. ;)

P.S. :Tonight there will be left-over home-made leek & potato soup with some chopped up biersticks. :)
24 Mayıs 2020
Oh yea California still has a lot of restrictions.

Clovek that sounds good!
26 Mayıs 2020
I really can not remember when the last time I ate out, it feels like a long time ago. In California it has been 3 months about for quarantine.
25 Mayıs 2020
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