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Mathilde Daravy
Khmer / Cambodian ressources
Hi! I'm trying to learn khmer and therefore looking for ressources to learn it. For the moment I found :
  • Colloquial Cambodian
  • Assimil, collection sans peine, Le khmer
  • FSI Basic course and contemporary Cambodian
  • learn kor ka (a nice app to work on reading/writing, made for children)

And I was wondering if any of you know about ressources to learn khmer, especially ones with audio. Thank you for your help!
May 25, 2020 12:16 AM
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Hi, i'm not sure if you'll read this since this was from 2 months ago but I highly recommend getting a teacher here on Italki. I started from ground 0 last year and with my Teacher Hok Sreymom and I usually have 2 lessons in a week. Now i am an intermediate student, getting closer to the higher levels. If i were to have learned by myself it would have been so much harder, and definitely probably would never have gotten to my current level of reading without my teacher. When i started it took my 10 minutes to try and read 2 sentences, now i can read 2 sentences very quickly, probably 20ish seconds. Plus you get to learn about culture at the same time :)
July 17, 2020
I am also a new Khmer learner. I'm currently using Colloquial Cambodian by David Smyth with the audio files. To help, I'm also using Anki for flashcards. Youtube has helped when I have questions about writing, but I haven't used it too much for audio learning.
June 18, 2020
Cambodian for Beginners is decent, comes with audio
June 5, 2020
Hi Olivia, thanks for your comment!
I'm not planning on taking lessons on Italki because my mom lived there for a few years and therefore speak fluently plus we have kind of a Cambodian side of the family but we don't see them too often. That's why I'm looking for a book or something to have a base to learn :)
July 26, 2020
Mathilde Daravy
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