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Tell me about your best italki experience!
Hi everyone!
I'm a new Community Tutor here on italki and I would love to hear about your best lesson on italki!

Did your teacher do anything special that made the lesson engaging, fun, or made you learn better?
What is important to you as a student?

Can't wait to hear your story!

All the best & many thanks,


May 25, 2020 7:55 AM
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I am new on italki. I am here to learn English and my name is Avijit from India.
italki is one of my favourites for learning a foreign language. It has many features that we can use for learning
Notebook segment is the most attractive to me, it is kind of diary. We don't need an extra diary to write down our daily activities, we can easily express our thoughts through the notebook. Also got a correction from Our teachers and in this way we can learn from our mistakes.
The second one is the question answer segment . we can easily ask some question about what we don't know or we feel confused, we can get the perfect answers from our teachers.
It is really helpful for all of us who wants to learn a foreign language.
Best wishes to you. I hope I get some help from you.
May 25, 2020
I'm also new at iTalki, but have loved the experience so far. I had studied Swedish for about 18 months before deciding to try out iTalki. By far the most rewarding experience has been to have entire conversations in Swedish language, without having to speak English—that made all that study feel worthwhile (and make me ask why didn't I try this earlier?).
I enjoy simple conversation lessons the most. Unplanned and improvised. In my opinion, the best lessons are when the student speaks for 80% of the time (to get more practice) and the teacher speaks for 20%. I love being corrected but I don't like being interrupted. There is a great teacher who created a shared Google Doc in which he writes down my mistakes while I'm speaking and corrects them with me when I finish my sentence. He uses the same Doc for all lessons so it's easy to see how much you've progressed in a month. I really like that idea.
May 25, 2020
Tja Faye

Jag bor i Australien. Jag har lärt mig Svenska i drygt två år. Trots att jag har använt flera metoder, ofta samtidigt, hela tiden, italki har varit bästa tro jag. Första började min flickvän att lära sig språket (hon förtsätta inte precis för närvarande) Vi har tur att det finns en svenska kyrka och community centre här i Melbourne som har tillåt oss att bli känna svenskar. Då och då har jag gjort sedan et år sen formella lektioner på olika nivåer. Vi rest till Sverige i flera veckor förra året. Men med italki har jag helt enkelt pratat imformellt med en community tutor nästan varje vecka och i nästan två år. Läraren är en man som är inte svensk men bodde i Sverige i tio år men inte nu. Han är mycket flyttande med språket ändå. Att göra informellt samtal ganska ofta verkar för mig att hjälpa bästa för att jag kunna hålla ett samtal på språket, något som är inte lätt på början. Jag hade förut lört mig bara lite Bahasa Indonesia i skolan och annars kunna bara engelska. Ingen tvivel är formella lektioner på italki också mycket bra men för mig själv har enkelt samtal på vad som jag har gjort det där veckan varit bra för att jag kunde förbättra mig på språket. Självklart har det hjälpt mig att också lära mig teorin och grmmatik med böcker och lektioner. Tack för möjligheten att svara dig och lycka till!


July 23, 2020
All of my lessons have been great but I really love the conversation lessons where it feels like I've been sitting at a café chatting with a friend.
June 8, 2020
I have just finished my first 3 trial lessons with community tutors, and all went well. Of course, the first time you speak with someone, much of the (30 minute) time is used in getting to know each other a bit. I will be interested in seeing how, going forward, that the tutors help direct our conversations. This is important because the awkwardness is one of the things I am hoping to avoid.

One thing I have found is that since my learning language level is pretty high, it seems that sometimes the tutor may "take off", i.e., speaking actually more rapid than I am really able to absorb. So it is important to make sure that the tutor knows exactly what the student is looking for, e.g. in my case simply improving my listening comprehension skill.
June 7, 2020
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