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Mathilde Daravy
Language partner announcement
I guess that it's not the first time that the topic is brought up, but I've been away from the discussion section for a few months so here I am.
I just find that there is a tons of people looking for a language partner on the discussion section and it make it harder to find discussion not on this topic.
I was wondering if Italki could add the function like a new categy named "language partner announces" that one could filter out if not interested.
25 May 2020 10:51
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I haven't come here for a while. When I clicked on discussion option, so many language partner announcements popped out that I wondered where those interesting discussion threads could have gone? Miss those old times!!!
25 Mayıs 2020
it will be fir premium only😂
25 Mayıs 2020
Mathilde Daravy
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