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Shota Nakano
English online hangout!
Hi everybody, I’m gonna have an online event by zoom. Whoever speak and learn English can join!

time ( for example
Tokyo May26 (0:00a.m.-
Los 25(8:00a.m.-
Paris 25(5:00p.m.
Beijing 25(11:00p.m.
and etc.

This is zoom link, you can join then

I have only free trial so we have only 40min by each session but if it works out, I can repost link and we can continue!

If you wanna join, I appreciate if you comment on this post

at last this is the first time to attempt so if it may bother, I’m sorry🙏🏻

I’m looking for seeing you guys then :)
May 25, 2020 11:04 AM
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