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Pretty woman: Unconventional love story
  I was browsing some of the best movie songs of the 90’s when I came across the song of Lauren Wood-Fallen. In the video you will see a very young and pretty Julia Roberts. The clip was short but catchy and it tells the story of a young woman who works as a prostitute. She accidentally met Richard Gere who is a rich businessman. If you watched the entire film, you would know that it is an unconventional love story that broke stereotypes during the 90’s. Up to this very day, Pretty Woman is a movie that paved the way to make unconventional love stories more conventional and acceptable by society. Pretty woman is a symbol of the 90’s Pop culture.  I am not someone who watches movies really but I guess I will rewatch this one.

What’s your favorite unconventional love story?

Unconventional meaning--not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed.
Synonyms: unusual, unorthodox 
25 de may de 2020 12:22
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