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الانسان الطموح والانسان المتوكل - translation

Hello! What does it mean:

  • الانسان الطموح
  • الانسان المتوكل

This is my exercise: الفروق بين  الانسان الطموح والانسان المتوكل
May 25, 2020 10:04 PM
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الانسان الطموح = The ambitious person
الإنسان المتوكل = The person who works hard and the rest ( the result may be negative or positive ) leaves to God.
May 26, 2020
(I wrote this yesterday with some edits)

الإنسان المتوكل = a person (in general) who puts his or her trust in God
= people who put their trust in God to guarantee the results for them.
الإنسان الطموح = an ambitious person (in general) = ambitious people.
هل الطموح يتعارض مع القناعة؟ = Is ambition at odds with being satisfied with where you are in life?

I kept the last sentence because I thought القناعة would be a useful word that you can use in your exercise.
القناعة means to have a conviction that your life is just like how you want it to be (positive meaning)
or to accept your reality/lifestyle no matter how good or bad it is (negative meaning).

- (a person) is usually translated as (شخص)

- Note that in the first sentence it's الطَمُوح (adjective) and in the third it's الطُمُوح (noun).
If a sentence started with الإنسان الطَموح, for example, it would describe the ambitious personality in general and not a specific person's personality.

- In Arabic, the definite article ال is used even when talking about something in general as opposed to English which would use an indefinite article in this case.
Consider the following examples:
هو إنسان طَموح = he's an ambitious person.
أحب الإنسان الطَموح = I love ambitious people.
الإنسان الطَموح هو إنسان واثق من نفسه = ambitious people are ones who believe in themselves.
May 26, 2020
المتوكل always has a positive meaning which Musafer explained well.

But, there is another word for the negitive meaning which is المتواكل which means a person who never work hard and depend on others.
May 26, 2020
الانسان الطموح : the ambitious person, who has an ambition and work hadr to reach it.
الانسان المتوكل : positive meaning : the person who has a goal and he does everything possible, beside his big trust in god's help -- negative meaning : the lazy person who depends on others to reach something

May 26, 2020
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