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Matthew Vigurs
Swear words and parts of speech; interjections, adjectives, verbs?
Hi all,

I know we all swear, but we often don't give any thought as to what part of speech. I'm going to give examples, mostly in English.


-cursed.. (+vocab)
-bloody.. (+vocab)
-shitty.. (+vocab)*
-fucking.. (+vocab)**
-puta.. (+vocab)

-I'm pissed off.. (to be pissed-off)
-Bugger-off.. (to bugger-off; synonym to go away))
-Piss-off.. (to piss-off; synonym to go away)*
-It's fucked.. (to be fucked, broken)**

*Moderately offensive
**Very offensive

When we're learning new languages, we often want to get to know the swear words after we've learned our phrases constructions and basic vocab and basic grammar. Trouble is, we often don't give much thought. As a native speaker of English, it was only by stutdying other languages that I became aware.
May 26, 2020 12:17 AM
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