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Practice Speaking English
Hello! My name is Ainur. I would like to practice my speaking English with native speakers.
26 mai 2020 07:06
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Hey guys, I am inviting you to join our free speaking club in Zoom!
We provide:
* native British teacher from the UK
* international groups
* 3 free lessons 60 minutes each
* no need to subscribe or leave your payment info. Just leave a request, test your English level (also free) and start practising!
Classes are super fun and full of games and activities. We have groups for 11-18 years old students and we are launching adult groups just in two weeks. So do not hesitate to take part!
26 mai 2020
Hi, I am not a native speaker but have an intermediate level of English speaking. You can add me to practice.
26 mai 2020
Let's talk .
26 mai 2020
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